Adrian Bell

About Me

Hello, hello, hello, and thank you for coming along to my site. My name is Adrian Bell and this website is part of my mission to help others become true to themselves. To find the things that really fulfil you at an emotional level, that allows you the time and space to grow as a person.

Kitty litter

Humble Beginnings


I was born in 1977, three years later I was part of a broken home. Living with my sister and mother with my father 250 miles away. I was deaf until I was four when I had surgery to put grommets in both ears.

I experienced the pain of death and loss at the age of 9, my grandfather who we visited frequently and lived with us for two years whilst back cancer slowly but surely killed him. He was an incredible man, never letting on to his grandchildren know he was suffering in any way.

From there life started to get better, I went to cubs, briefly to scouts, and then sidestepped into the Marine Cadets. This had a profound impact on my life, quite literally making me the man I am today. The values I hold today were exposed and cemented in those 5 years. Trust, honesty, teamwork, determination, excellence, focus, self-worth. I’d summarise that by saying I was taught how to have integrity in everything I did.

From there, however… hormones, anger, drink, drugs, sex, motorbikes, rock climbing, train surfing… Let's just say life got interesting, and I fucked it up.

Through The Grinder

I left school with four GCSE’s of mixed grades, got some rubbish jobs, and ended up working in pubs and I just went with the flow. It was enjoyable work, I went from part-time, to full time, to shift manager. I ended up with my own license and running pubs for the company. By the time I was 23 life was a mess, the only friends I had were customers or staff, no one from school or childhood. I was doing 100+ hours a week and verging on alcohol dependence - I was ‘responsible’ and limited myself to one beer whilst driving… I had to get out.  So I resigned, I agreed to work two months' notice or until they could find a replacement, ten days later I was out, with no plan, no savings, and no home. I made choices that I believed at the time and then life came knocking again. I had a son on the way. I looked around at my life; what a mess of nothingness. So I turned to friends (not customers anymore) and chose the easiest obtainable life I wanted. I lied on the application form for college, I was a mature student and they didn’t check my grades. My son was born and at six weeks old he met my father, his grandad. Dad was so happy, he positively radiated joy. Not long after that, he died, a 500-foot fall ice climbing in Scotland. The thing I’d been searching for my whole life and I had only just realised it - gone. My world imploded. 17 years on, and I still cry.

Long story short, I qualified as an electrician, I tried to do right by my son and his mother (and ultimately failed).

Just Keep Moving Forward

But life keeps moving on. I up-skilled as much as I could and ended up in the rope access world and offshore on oil rigs. I was always working away from home, barely seeing my son or friends and family. How my partner has put up with it for ten years I don’t know. I’d be home for a week and then gone again for three. She is supportive and has the patience, understanding, and a moral strength that is inspiring. Although she does like that the house stays tidy when I’m gone.

So I messed my life up, kind of got it sorted and my world imploded again. I got back up on my feet and truth be told, I’ve ended up with quite a good life, at a family and friends level it’s still fractured but I'm working on that, I've made the most of it.

But... I didn't want to lose it...

I was balanced enough to actually see what I wanted, I wanted to be home every night and just have a ‘normal’ life. A life that wasn’t always changing at the drop of a hat, where I wasn’t constantly forced to choose between seeing my partner, son, sister, mother, or friends all in one day before I vanished off to work again. I didn’t want to sell my soul anymore.

So I chose to change what I was doing. I chose to make the life I wanted and that's what I'm doing now. I can help you do the same, you can have the life you want. You have to make the choice, put in the work, and put in the effort to make it your life - not the scraps left behind by work.

If you are tired of life as it is and want to change it, let me show you there is another way, a way that can truly enrich you, fulfil you in a way that is only possible by being self-reliant. This gives you freedom in all aspects of life, time, financial and geographical freedom who doesn’t want that?

If you feel the need to change but you don't know how