Be True To Yourself

it's about what you can give, not get

Completely open and transparent, that is my aim, and I’ll start with this...

This site is ultimately about giving you an opportunity to improve yourself. Whether that's reading, fitness, meditation, or education. There is free information available, that I have produced or have been allowed to share from other people, and there is information available from trusted sources that you pay for. Some of which I may receive a commission for, but you will not pay any more than if you were to purchase directly. Everyone needs to pay the bills right. Everything on this site I have personally done or used and I am more than happy to point people in the direction of good quality resources.

What is 'being true to you'?

Well, only you can find that out… Probably not the answer you were expecting, but that’s the truth of it, and it's a lifelong journey.

Having said that, this is what it means to me. It’s about having integrity, principles, morals, ethics, authenticity. Yet it’s more than that, you have to embody these ideas and concepts, make them a part of every action, whether that's waking up or working, mowing the lawn or mountaineering. Above everything else, it’s being honest with yourself, who do you want to be? Read more...


Take a look around

There are various resources that I found beneficial, and I will blog about how life has challenged me and lessons I have learnt. Hopefully you will find something that helps you overcome or at least come to terms with an issue you have.   Blog   Books   Life Style

Take action now, to get your life back

Are you tired of trying to squeeze what you want to do into the scraps of time left behind by the demands of modern life?

Have your hobbies turned into distant memories?

Well, I may have a solution for you... it does involve learning new skills, it will take resources (time, money, consistent effort), but if you knuckle down and do the work, it will give you back what you want most - time. Time to focus on what matters to you. Whether that's your children, friends and family, or your hobbies.